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Police Release New Details About Triple Murder Suspects | News

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Police Release New Details About Triple Murder Suspects

More details were revealed Monday about three new suspects charged with murder in connection with a triple homicide in Greensboro last week.

Polly Rcom, 25, of Park Ave., Fnu Angu, 26, of Greenbriar Road, and Ayun Y, 28, of Mayfair Ave., were each arrested Saturday on three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Hoanh Rcom, 34, of Presley Way, was arrested at the scene of the shooting, which happened at the Brandonshire Apartments off Wendover Avenue just after midnight Thursday. Three people, including Hoanh's 6-year-old son, were killed, and two others were injured.

Police said Hoanh confessed to shooting all five victims with an assault rifle and faces three counts of first-degree murder. All four suspects remain in the Guilford County Jail without bond.

During a press conference Monday, Greensboro Police said the newly arrested suspects were Hoanh's brother and two friends. The four men went to the apartment "with the intent to commit a violent assault," police said.

"They did go to that location with Hoanh, and their intention was to commit a violent felonius assault on the victims and a weapon was used. If you read the statute, that is first degree murder," said Lt. D.L. Willoughby with Greensboro Police.

Police said neither Hoanh's brother nor his two friends fired any weapons during the incident.

The four suspects traveled to the apartment in separate vehicles, police said. Police had said early Thursday morning that three people were seen fleeing the scene of the shooting, and they did not know their whereabouts.

Police also released details Monday as to the events just before the shooting. Hli Wie, 29, Hoanh's ex-girlfriend and mother to his 6-year-old son, Jason Rcom, was at a movie with Josh Prago and her family when she received a communication from Hoanh, police said.

Wie felt the communication was threatening, but she did not call authorities, police said.

Then, just minutes after the group got home, Hoanh shot through the apartment door and opened fire inside, police said.

The victims included Wie and Jason Rcom, who both lived in the apartment. Jason Rcom died after he was taken to Moses Cone Hospital. Wie, 29, who also goes by Holly, was shot in the hand and treated at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Three others in the apartment were shot. Hdingh Nie, a friend of the family who lived on Summit Avenue, died at Moses Cone Hospital. Joshua Samuel Prago, 43, of Dogwood Drive, was found dead in an upper-floor closet.

One of Prago's friends said he had been dating Wie for several months.

A fifth victim, who family identified as Nie's 12-year-old niece, was treated for a non life-threatening gunshot wound to the arm, police said.

Prago's friends said he took the children with him inside the closet in an effort to protect them. When Hoanh fired into the closet, investigators said the door was shut.

Willoughby said Rcom was intending to murder some of the victims but not shoot all of his targets. Willoughby did not say which people police allege Rcom intended to murder. Police said they are still holding back some details, as it is an active investigation.

Hoanh could face either the death penalty or life without parole if convicted on the three murder counts, a judge told him Friday.

Police said there was a history of domestic violence between Hoanh and Wie. Hoanh had been served with a 50b restraining order against Wie on July 7, police said. Before the restraining order, two domestic disturbance calls were placed regarding Hoanh on June 30 and July 2.

Hoanh came to the United States as a Montagnard refugee from Vietnam. The Montagnard refugees, who helped the U.S. during Vietnam, are known for their peaceful living.

Ysiu Hlng, a fellow Montagnard who knew Hoanh when he first came to the United States 10 years ago, said separation and divorce are not the norm in their culture. Thus, this separation may have been too much for him to handle.


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